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Isn’t Curb Appeal what it’s really all about? As a developer, builder, property manager, or owner, you want the landscape surrounding your commercial site to showcase the same quality, professionalism, and character that reflects your neighborhood or the way you do business.

The key factors to a successful commercial landscape include plant selection, preservation and management. Locally Grown Landscape can brighten up any landscape with flowering annual rotations, perennial plantings that bloom every year, Spring/Summer bulbs, flowering trees and shrubs and can rejuvenate neglected landscapes by replacing dead or unsightly elements. We will bring the beauty of nature to your neighborhood or your commercial/business environment.

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We approach our commercial accounts the same way we do our residential. We do not “mow-blow-and go!” Each property is different and we create a maintenance plan to ensure the property looks its best at all times.


Our detail oriented staff assures keeping the property feeling clean and in order. We strive to always “look better than the guy next door!” Call today if you wish to see how things are done at Locally Grown Landscape.


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