Locally Grown and Operated

Clean Up/Demolition

Whether you are preparing to install a new landscape design or need a spring/fall cleanup, Locally Grown Landscape will help ease your burden. You can hire us to take care of this time consuming task.

Doing a clean-up is a part of my job that I like doing the most! We love to come in and take a yard to the ” next level” Sometimes its overgrown where when we are done you feel like you have a whole new yard. I always tell the customer ” we touch every bush” to give each bush its own life.


Demo and grading are jobs that need to be precise. You always want proper drainage in all parts of your yard. Water can cause many different types of damage to a property. When doing a demo it is important to make proper selections on what to demo and make way for new material. We are very detailed oriented in this area.

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