Locally Grown and Operated

About Us

mccoy-4-2237782449-OMy name is Matthew McCoy and I am the owner of Locally Grown Landscape!

I was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, right here in the Lowcountry. I’ve been in the landscape business for over 15 years and have learned from some of the best Landscape Designers, Horticulturists, Maintenance and Construction / Installation specialists here locally.

I started Locally Grown Landscape because I felt there was a need for quality, “upfront” customer service. I feel that customers should not have to fight through the “chain of command” to get something addressed. For those that know me, all customers have my cell number and call me directly whenever there is a mistake or something needs attention. I hire and train motivated individuals who have the same attention to detail that I would expect if it were my own yard. I believe that every landscape is different, and should be addressed that way.

On the maintenance side of the business, we are always striving for “yard of the month,” and on the installation side, we never leave until the customer is happy.

I can’t promise that the property will ALWAYS be PERFECT, but I will promise that we will ALWAYS strive for PERFECTION.


Contact Us today to set up a meeting or call us at 843-819-5296 .